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EduKayt Fitness is proud to create lifestyle and exercise programs for anyone who has the desire to improve their health. From 5 km walking to marathon running plans, and daily stretching routines to resistance training, there is something for everyone.


Each of us has unique skill levels, likes and dislikes, schedules and lifestyles. Finding what works for you is essential to success.


Learn where to start, how to progress and how to take your fitness goals into your own hands.


My goal at EKF is to provide multiple levels of support based on your needs to guide you on your fitness journey. 

  “I feel like Kaytlyn gave me back a feeling of optimism and hope, and helped me increase my confidence about my body and my ability to move. I feel like the future is something I can look forward to and plan for confidently and that my chronic pain does not have to be an obstacle anymore.”


Daily Movement and Lifestyle Program


As a CSEP- Certified Personal Trainer I believe that with the right supports and realistic planning, anyone with the desire to improve their health and fitness can do so.

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