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I’m Kayt! I am a recreational triathlete, house plant enthusiast and DIY girl. I hope to share my passion for fitness and to enable others to improve their self-confidence, quality of life and health. With the right supports, planning and some determination I believe anyone can reach their fitness goals. 

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Kaytlyn Beakhouse

Nait pft diploma

Graduated with honours

from NAIT’s two year

Personal Fitness Trainer

diploma program. 

Certified personal trainer

The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology prides itself on being the gold standard certification in Canada and utilizes an evidence based approach to exercise.

Triathlon coach

 There is always more to learn, so I am currently pursuing certification in

Triathlon Coaching!

My Story

   It was actually never my intention to become a Personal Trainer. It came about through a series of events in my life as these things often do... 


   I began my career in health care in 2014 as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, after graduating from NAIT. After a few years I was able to specialize in musculoskeletal ultrasound. I loved learning about how our muscles and joints work. It fascinated me that we are complex machines that can walk, balance and play.


   During this time I also entered my first triathlon (racing where you swim, bike and run) and I was instantly hooked! In my youth I had a seven year career as a Red Cross Aquatics Instructor with the City of Edmonton and have always been an avid swimmer. What I really loved about triathlon was the challenge of road biking which was scary and new,  the strategizing that went into pacing and transitioning between segments, and most of all the camaraderie of the triathlon community. 


    As I was working I began to recognize the prevalence of injuries in the general population. Everyday I would meet people of all ages that suffered from pain and frustration and saw the impacts it had on their daily living. After experiencing my own chronic injury, I knew that more needed to be done to prevent these issues. This, and my newfound love of triathlon, led me to enrol in the Personal Fitness Trainer program at NAIT. 


    My passion for swimming and triathlon has now expanded to enjoying many activities such as cross country skiing, Pilates, road cycling, Ultimate Frisbee, badminton and weight training. Now that I am a Certified Personal Trainer I am eager to share my passion for fitness. Through EduKayt Fitness I hope to inspire others to find sports and activities that bring them joy and improve their physical and emotional health!

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