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Embracing Winter

Last month we talked about escaping winter…I know! However, winter is here and it is planning on coming every year for the foreseeable future. So we may as well try to embrace it!

Outdoor winter activities seem so nostalgic. Skating, skiing, snowman building…I can hear themed music and see fluffy snowflakes falling just thinking about it. What is it that happens as we become adults that makes us averse to winter activities? Because I have never heard a kid say that they hate snow angels or tobogganing!

While I can agree that there is such a thing as too cold from a safety standpoint, there are many winter days that we can get out and enjoy. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Clothing. Layers help us keep warm and allow for adjusting if we get too hot once we are active.

  • Sunscreen. Even in the winter months sunscreen is still recommended for exposed skin as rays can be amplified on the snow.

  • Take breaks. Just like when it is hot and you take a rest in the shade during a hike, you can warm up in the ski chalet!

  • Age. Both children and older adults are less adept at controlling their body temperature, so clothing choices and duration of activity may need to be adjusted.

  • Ice. Other than cold, winter comes with ice! Using short shuffling steps can decrease the risk of falling, as can cleats that improve traction.

There are winter activities for all skill levels from snowshoeing and walking (with cleats when icy!) to snowboarding and endurance cross country skiing. Some of my favourite winter activities in the area are:

Getting out into the fresh winter air for a walk or a ski is a great way to be active, enjoy the snowy scenery and have some fun!

I would love to hear about the winter activates you enjoy!

Simply leave a comment or send me an email at

Looking for advice on winter activities?

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